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an ultra light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly, resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without leaving a residue.

  • Reduces drying time and speeds up styling time.
  • Softens thick unmanageable hair.
  • Restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair
  • Reduces breakage by restoring elasticity to the hair.
  • Provides nourishment to hair damaged by coloring and styling.
  • Creates an optimal balance for the hair and scalp.
  • Nourishes the scalp and alleviates itchy, dry scalp.
  • Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors.
  • Patented, weightless formula has no build up.
The MOROCCANOIL Difference

MOROCCANOIL has created a revolutionary line of styling, finishing and conditioning products for hair that will guarantee an enhanced result.  Hair will look and feel healthier after just one application

gently cleanses while infusing hair with argan oil, keratin, fatty acids, proteins and other nutrients.  This formula is free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens and is safe for color-treated hair. 

The creamy lather helps repair chemically damaged hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of body, improving the hairs overall health.


gently detangles and reconstructs hair while infusing it with argan oil, keratin, fatty acids and proteins.  This formula is safe for color-treated hair and is free of sulfates, phosphates, and parabens. 

This luxurious cream helps restore moisture and repair chemically damaged hair, conditioning hair back to its natural health.
INTENSE CURL CREAM   Leave-In Conditioner

a leave-in conditioner with anti-oxidants and intensive hydration capabilities.  Enhances shine and defines curls leaving them soft and hydrated without a sticky residue.

Tips from the Pros:
Mix a few drops of MOROCCANOIL Treatment with a pump or two of INTENSE CURL CREAM.  The result is magnificent curls that are bouncy, defined and very glamorous.

Eliminates frizz and adds definition and shine, while providing soft hold, resulting in the texture necessary for styling.

Tips from the Pros:
For very thick, unmanageable or curly hair, mix a penny sized amount of MOROCCANOIL Treatment with a pump or two of HYDRATING STYLING CREAM to create a very straight finish and a soft texture.

Particularly effective for dry, thick and course hair as it tends to be extremely dehydrated and requires moisture to stay healthy.  No heat is needed to activate, only 5-7 minutes will treat hair with needed moisture and protein, adding elasticity and shine.

This highly effective mask revitalizes and hydrates hair, restoring shine and manageability.

Tips from the Pros:
Mix about one teaspoon of MOROCCANOIL Treatment to the INTENSE HYDRATING MASK to add extra shine and elasticity to the hair.

Particularly effective for fine, brittle hair as well as over processed and excessively damaged hair.  Penetrates deep into the hair to help restore elasticity and rebuild strength while repairing damage caused by chemicals and other environmental stresses.

This unique formula is rich in protein and will help bring out hair's inner health, leaving it incredibly moisturized with a brilliant shine.
3.4 oz.

10.2 oz.

10.2 oz.

8.5 oz.

8.5 oz.

8.5 oz.

8.5 oz.


An effective product that provides long lasting, unparalleled shine, while protecting hair from the damaging effects of UV light and free radicals.

Tips from the Pros:
Dusting your hair brush with MOROCCANOIL GLIMMER SHINE SPRAY will help prevent static and frizz.  Repeated applications will enhance the effectiveness of GLIMMER SHINE SPRAY especially for thick or coarse hair.  Use daily for UV protections.
3.4 oz.